I agree with Jenni Murray

I have been listening to Woman’s Hour regularly for a while now, and their podcast is one of my favourites. They explore a wide variety of opinions on as many subjects, which makes for engaging listening.

In the past few days, one of the presenters, Jenni Murray, has come under criticism for expressing supposedly transphobic opinions in an article she wrote. The Telegraph writes a good summary of the situation.

I think Jenni Murray is completely in her rights to speak out about issue affecting women. After all, she is the presenter of a female centred radio show, and these are issues that she has to encounter professionally on a regular basis. She is right to stand up for women and for the language we use to talk about female bodies.

I know BBC presenters are supposed to remain completely neutral, but she shouldn’t have to remain silent on the subject of misogynistic ideology that harms women.

I am ready for a radical feminism takeover of Woman’s Hour. Jenni Murray seems to be almost there with her stance on this subject, but I think it’s clear that she feels pressure not to be too controversial. I hope Jenni Murray continues to stay true to her opinions and isn’t bullied into agreeing with the liberals.

(Just for fun, here is a debate with Julie Bindel on the controversy).


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